ISOLA - One-man airlock control

  • 2 in 1 management system to face health and safety risks. 7 seconds to protect people and spaces!


    We have designed a real security "island" for the protection of public and private spaces: a multifunctional device which, thanks to advanced technology, protects both the user and the reception structure against the risks of public safety breaches and contamination.

    ISOLA is an aesthetic and technological gem offering a multi-service card for facial recognition, mask wearing control, temperature measurement, people counting, access control, from the Blue Light UV-A and UV-C system to standby, metal detection and disinfection by ionisation with advanced cold plasma technology (see multi-service health and safety list in the features section).


    Ref #: ISOLA 1,2,3

    Maintenance contract to be integrated

    Available for purchase and rental from 24 to 60 months


    Dimensions: H 250 x D 241 x W 131.5 cm

    Warranty: 10 years cabin and 2 years technology, parts and labour

    Standards: CE - Tests and Certifications available on request


    Isola Video